An observation of the number of iPhone / iPod Touch music applications available

It struck me just the other day that actually for a platform this new it is really impressive to see this many music applications arriving. Ok, it is fair to say that a percentage of them a quite simple. However, even allowing for that there are still a large number.

The other significant thing is that within a short time of launch there was a studio type app (BeatMaker), and that also in addition two apps have been developed by a major desktop software house (iZotope’s iDrum app).

I think that this is all significant and bodes well for the future of the platform.


ITM MCU has been launched. It looks really interesting, even given that I’m not too interested in controller applications.

Here’s what the ITM site has to say:

8 Faders with Solo and Mute
Bank up and down allowing unlimited number of channels
Feedback, faders assume their levels on song load or bank change

Current implementation is tailored for ableton live:
Clip and Scene navigation and triggering
Dedicated Loop and Back to Arrangement buttons
More supported DAWs soon

Palm Sounds iPhone Poll results and CDM too!

Well the Palm Sounds poll results were fairly clear:

Already own an iPhone – 12
Considering buying an iPhone – 3
Already own an iPod Touch – 7
Considering buying an iPod Touch – 2

At the same time CDM had a similar poll. The results are here.

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Symbian S60 / UIQ devices and music apps?

In my search for a way to replace my current Treo 650 smartphone I have been considering moving to a Symbian phone to take advantage of what’s on that platform.

However, I know nothing about the devices, and I know even less about what’s available or even where to look. So, any help and guidance would be most welcome.

If anyone can suggest good devices and places to find apps that would be really useful.


OSCemote is another controller app for iPhone / iPod Touch. I haven’t tried this one as yet, but I may give the free ‘lite’ version a go.

Maybe a version of SunVox for iPhone?

Thanks to NightRadio for commenting on this post about the SunVox feature queue. Maybe one day we’ll see a version for the iPhone? That’d be cool.

Diddy DJ Lite

Another iPod Touch app, this time a DJ app. According to the site there is a pro app in development.

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BtBx updated to version 1.1

BtBx the sequencing app for iPhone / iPod Touch has been updated to version 1.1, and has a new screen which looks nicer than the original.

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Chimera Sysex upgrade complete

If you’re interested in the Chimera synths then check out this post on their blog concerning the sysex upgrade amongst other things.

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Been away (again)

I’ve been away again. I’ll be catching up with news and stuff soon.

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