SunVox feature queue

Whilst there’s been so much emphasis on the iPhone of late, I thought it would be worthwhile thinking about what’s coming up for SunVox in the not so distant future (hopefully). Here’s the current list of SunVox features we’re waiting for. It’ll be very impressive to see these come about all in one go.

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* new module: FM
* new module: LFO
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port
* switch instruments / sampler etc by using the hardware buttons
* live mode (DJ mode)
* docs
* XM import
* more standart trackers effects
* MIDI export (or MusicXML)
* keymap.ini file that would allow users to customise the mapping of keys to Sunvox features
* sample editor


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