Nothing new at Clearec for a long time now

Clearec have been quiet for a long time now. No updates to software, no new products, but the site is still there, which is of course a good thing. It would be a shame if they didn’t develop Mixx Mobile any further.

Let’s hope they’re working on something new, and if anyone from Clearec is reading this, please let us know what you’re up to.

phaseArray: What next?

phaseArray‘s Corrosion plugin for Bhajis Loops has been in beta for a long time now (since April in fact). I haven’t seen any updates to it as yet, nor any other plug ins either, so I wonder if there are going to be any updates, or if it will make it out of beta?

Let’s hope so, I’d be sorry to see the only independent plug in for Bhajis vanish. In fact, what I’d love to see is phaseArray selling a whole bunch of plug ins for Bhajis (and maybe Griff too!).

So, what would you be prepared to pay for pay for a Bhajis plug in?

Palm Madness

PalmInfocenter reports on the bizarre line the Palm have taken with Dmitry Grinberg, asking him to change the name of his site and rename a product too.

I cannot understand why Palm would take this kind of action against a developer?

So will Palminfocenter have to change name? Or, for that matter the numerous other Palm related sites that have the word “Palm” in their title?

In fact, what about Palm Sounds?

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