MoBeat Drum Machine for Java Mobiles

I only just found this, but it looks quite interesting. The blog page has the source code for mobile processing too.

and here’s a nice video too!

And here’s another one. This time a very simple app. A little oscilator for your iPhone. Actually I like the look of the interface.


More controller apps from iTouchMidi. Although I’m more skeptical about controller apps over apps that actually produce sound it is still quite interesting. Also, this one reminds me a lot of the pad on the DS-10 I’ve been playing with recently.

More comments on the iPhone platform

Interesting comments on the iPhone as a platform …

Hi! IMO despite the hype, the iPhone platform is a non-starter for “serious” applications at the moment, mainly due to the T&C in the SDK license. This is going to stop serious apps from being brought to the platform, until (if?) Apple sorts it all out. The sandboxing issue is the other huge problem for audio/video tools. What about Android? Not until they allow you to write/deploy 3rd party apps in C++… Windows Mobile and Symbian is where to stick for now; open platforms that let software happen.

I think that this is fair comment, and I have to admit that I didn’t put an option on the latest poll for “I will not be buying either device”, which really I should have done.

Interestingly, I know next to nothing about Symbian music apps, except that Mixtikl is being developed for that platform and I think Syntrax too.

If anyone has more information on Symbian apps please do let me know.

Air Drummer for iPhone

Another iPhone app appears today. They seem to be coming along very regularly now. This one is called “Air Drummer”. Here’s the description:

A new way to play drums on the iPhone. Flick your iPhone like a drumstick and the accelerometer detects your hits. Hold pads and flick to play drums. Kick drum plays without pad. It will take practice to be able to play and not look at each button. Use Edit mode and swipes to rearrange the pad layout to fit your hand. The lock button prevents unintended mode changes during play.

This is only version 1.0 with more features, tweaks and better drumkits on the way. We will try to incorporate user requested features with each release. Skilled players can use a pair of iPhones simultaneously to simulate a pair of drumstick.

The listing on app store points to this site, but when I looked there was no information on there about the app at all, so I guess it will come along in time I hope!

Opera Mobile 9.5 beta and flash for mobile devices

Whilst I was a away for a week a while back I used my Dell Axim for wireless access for email etc and gave Opera Mobile 9.5 a try out. I was very impressed with it as a PDA browser, and I think it will be an excellent application when it comes out of beta.

So, what’s this got to do with mobile music? Well, I’m glad you asked. As far as I know the final version will have flash support, which could open up all sorts of possibilities for mobile music. Here I’m thinking of flash apps like hobnox Audiotool

Things like this would be wonderful on a mobile device, and extend the functionality of existing devices.

In addition, stand alone flash apps have been around for a long time, and Sony Palm OS devices used to have their own flash player. I’ve included a couple of videos of flash apps running on a PDA at the end of the post.

So, I think I’ll be watching Opera Mobile to see how they get on.

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