iDrum syncs with the desktop version (via CDM)

CDM confirms that iDrum for the iPhone will in fact allow let you use your own sounds and sync to the desktop:

Update: The iDrum mobile app available today will indeed allow you to use your own samples and exchange files with your desktop computer. The original story has been updated:

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BtBx for iPhone (via CDM)

CDM brings the story of another app for the iPhone. BtBx is from the creator of PSP Rhythm so it should be excellent. Read more at CDM.

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Mixtikl not coming to iPhone platform

Intermorphic have today posted that they won’t develop Mixtikl for the iPhone platform citing restrictive clauses in the Apple licence and the inability to share files with the desktop.

This comes as no big surprise as many developers are facing issues with Apple’s restrictions. We can only hope that Apple start to take notice. However, as they’ve sold 60 million apps in 30 days will this mean much to them?

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