CDM on ProRemote

CDM has a post on the Pro Tools remote app that’s now on the app store.

On a personal note I’m not too fond of remote apps as I prefer apps for actual making or performing. However, I can see this being useful though.

Still thinking about the mobile studio

In my old post from almost two years ago I was using a trusty Tungsten T3, and a Zoom PS-04.

It strikes me that in two years nothing that much has changed really.

What I’d like to be able to do is just have one device that really does give me the ability to do all the things I need to in one place. I was beginning to think that the new Treo 800w would fit. My reasoning goes like this:

  • Windows Mobile will run MeTeoR for multi-tracking
  • WM will run AudioBox and Griff for synthesis and sequencing
  • StyleTap will sit on WM6 and run Palm Apps like Bhajis, Microbe and some minimusic applications too
  • MixTikl will come to WM6 and will give the ability to make music on the device and then move it back and forth between the device and the desktop
  • TrakAx Mobile will sit in their so I can make videos using the on board camera and add my music to them
  • I can still use it for all those PIM functions plus it has wifi and GPS to boot.
So, why is this not going anywhere? Well, first off I’m still waiting for the Treo 800w to come to the UK. Secondly, the iPhone platform is where all the attention is at the moment and if apps like MeTeoR, TrakAx mobile, and Griff come out for that platform I think I’d rather be there.

So, I am stuck waiting for things to happen.

iPhone / iPod Touch survey

I guess not talking about the iPhone or iPod Touch is almost unavoidable at the moment so I thought I’d find out what you think of the platform and get some views on how many people have one or are thinking about buying one?

Please vote on the survey if you can.

iDrum comes to the iPhone

iZotope has brought the iDrum app to the iPhone, now in two flavours: Hip Hop and Club.

It is interesting that a company like iZotope have chosen to extend their existing iDrum app into the iPhone space. I was sort of expecting this kind of behaviour from Apple, but so for nothing from them. However, I wonder how many other mainstream music software developers are considering this route?

Noise IO video

There’s a new video for Noise IO showing a little bit of how it can be used. It reminds me a little bit of AxisPad, but with more capabilities.

It seems very geared towards performance, which is a good thing I think. It’d be nice to see how the sensors are mapped to synth parameters when it is released.

Here’s what Amidio say about their app: is a sound synthesizing application for iPhone OS 2.0 (iPhone and iPod Touch) developed by company Amidio. claims to be the first official sound synthesizing application for iPhone. is also the first synthesizer to incorporate the ESFM technology – Enhanced Subspace Frequency Modulation. It\’s an improved version of Frequency Modulation which has been developed especially for iPhone, the architecture has been redesigned to allow maximum user-friendly approach to creating new sounds. The results are astonishing – the control over the sounds is amazingly simple, even inexperienced people can start crafting their own sounds in no time. For extracting sounds uses the Control Surface. User simply chooses the preset, then slides finger over the screen and enjoys the result. As user moves your finger over the Control Surface, the sound parameters are changed smoothly in real time, producing the sweetest noises ever. Three control axis are available – Up/Down, Left/Right and In/Between (that\’s the distance between the fingers when a user makes Multi-Touch over the Control Surface). User can also use the Accelerometer to control various sound parameters. is capable of producing nearly every possible kind of noise-based sound. It features 3 Generators, 1 Filter, 2 LFO, Trancegate, FX: chorus, phaser, flanger, stereo delay, 9 Preset Banks, 9 presets in each (total 81 presets). is scheduled to be released on 25th of August 2008 in the AppStore, for $6.99.

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