Yet more thoughts on the iPod Touch

I played with an iPod Touch the other day for the first time. I have to say that it is a lovely little device. It feels very small though. A friend told me that it is sturdier than the iPhone, but I couldn’t say for certain myself.

I read today on CDM that there seem to be a lot of other apps out there that aren’t on the app store as yet, which is a shame, but I am expecting that to change over time.

So, is this platform going to be worth investing in over the long term? The answer is probably I suppose. So, why am I hesitant? Simply put I worry about yet another platform. For a long time Palm OS was the top dog, but they just haven’t kept pace, and the market for apps is crowded now. Also, lots of developers have left the platform now.

Windows Mobile has lots of apps available, and some real gems too. There’s Griff, there’s MeTeoR, and of course there’s TrakAx Mobile.

So, how long will it actually take to for the cut down OSX take to get into the lead? And, what will Microsoft do to counter Apple?

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