My mistake: StyleTap is going to be on iPhone

Thanks to Bob for this correction to my earlier post:

I think there may be a misunderstanding.

There will be StyleTap for iPhone no matter what. The only question is whether there will be a version that is built using the official Apple SDK and available through Apple’s App Store or whether it will only be available from StyleTap for jailbroken devices.


So the questioin is, would you jail break your iPhone to run Palm apps on it?

New Mixtikl Screenshots at Intermorphic

The chaps at Intermorphic have posted some new screen shots of their new application Mixtikl.

BeatMaker updated to v

What’s new in BetaMaker :

– Record mode improved with new features:
– Directly append and remove recorded patterns from the song sequencer while recording
– Navigate through the song sequencer positions while recording
– Stopping record mode does not stop playback anymore
– Global volume
– Delete files and folders in the file browser
– Clear song option
– Auto-saving of project when quitting the application (saved in My Content/Last
– Now recovers playback after declining a phone call or stopping an alarm clock
– Faders in the effects view are now easier to handle
– Changing play position on timeline keeps the song playback in time
– Various small improvements and fixes
Note: Version is the same as 1.0.1 except it fixes a problem which caused a few kits to be missing from the package.

StyleTap on iPhone not looking good

Sounds like StyleTap are having trouble getting through the legal mess that Apple have created around the iPhone SDK. Which is a great shame. I think it would have made the iPhone much more compelling. Let’s hope that Apple finally relent.

Intermorphic on porting Mixtikl to a variety of platforms

Intermorphic have put together a very good article on the issues they’ve had with porting to different platforms.

CDM on iPhone Signal Suite apps

CDM has details of new iPhone apps for signal generation and processing.

Next ALP device cancelled

Looks like the outlook for ALP devices is not good according to this article from Palm Insider. I guess the whole market is getting quite crowded now.

Korg DS-10

I’ve been opening the mail since I got home and I’ve had my two Korg DS-10 cartridges delivered. Of course all the documentation is in Japanese, so this might be a bit of a problem. I’ll let you know.

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