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Groovestep to be free!

After a long wait, here’s the announcement from GrooveStep today:

If you have the right hardware, you will be able to run GrooveStep on your Nintendo DS and use your own samples (sounds) to make music. After a long hiatus (nap), we are entering a private beta phase, but sooner or later this year, GrooveStep will be released to the public.

Of course, this is brilliant news and means that there will be a real competitor for the DS-10.

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iPod DJ blog: App list

iPod DJ Blog has posted a list of useful iPhone / iPod Touch apps to their site.

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GP2X announce new "Wiz" product

Retro thing has news of the next evolution of the GP2X, now called the “Wiz”. I followed a load of links to the “Wiz” site only to find that most of the information is in Japanese. As a result I couldn’t really tell what the new model has over previous versions.

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Will Brian Whitman release apps for the iPhone?

Before the advent of the App store and SDK there was lots of stuff on his blog about the development of audio on the iPhone, but since then nothing much at all, which is a great shame. In many ways it is a bit like the whole thing with capers (an old set of music apps for the palm platform). I’ve posted on capers before, and I’d still like to see something develop out of these apps, but perhaps that’s never going to happen.

I hope Brian does do something with Apple’s newest platform. Ideally something from capers, or maybe something completely new.

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PaklSound1 to version 1.01

PaklSound has been updated to version 1.01 as follows:

Aug 23, 2008: submitted new version 1.01 to AppStore that saves current song and improves timing regularity

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Android Market

This post at Brighthand shows the difference between the Apple App Store and the Android Market. So, what is the difference? Well, I guess that the market is more about an “open and unobstructed environment”, and I suppose a store is fairly proprietorial.

It will be interesting to see how Android develops and what kind of hardware is available. As for music apps on the new platform things are not too certain as yet from the comments I’ve seen from developers.

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Next version of TrakAx very close to release

TrakAc (the multimedia app for WM) is close to being update according to this post. And, as a bonus they’ve released some helpful resources for understanding drum beats.

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T3 battery

Thanks to Martin for this link which looks very interesting.

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Cheer up my Treo

I’ve been wondering about keeping my Treo 650 instead of moving to Symbian. However, I’ve been wondering if I should perhaps keep it and just cheer it up a bit.

I’ve never used a launcher or anything similar to spice up my Treo, but I’d be very interested in any suggestions on how to make it more fun to use.

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Wineglass anyone?

This has got to rate as the strangest music application I’ve seen. Although I am interested in playing wine glasses of course!

I would of put a link into the developer’s website, but sadly there isn’t one as yet.

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