CDM on Indamixx

CDM posts on the release of the Indamixx from Trinity. Interesting use of a UMPC.

Belkin GoStudio doesn’t work with the iPhone or Touch

Belkin’s GoStudio is compatible with a range of iPods but not the Touch or the iPhone, which I find a little bit odd?

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DS Fanboy on DS-10

DS Fanboy has a good post on the DS-10 today. Apart from being a useful walk through of the features of the app there was this snippet which I found very interesting:

Finally, we have the Chaos Board. Once you’ve actually made a decent loop, you can go here and distort the sound in real-time, using nothing more than your stylus and the handheld’s touch-screen. Dividing the touch-screen into hemispheres, you can control the pitch and tone of the track, as well as a variety of other things. You can even record your on-the-fly remixing, in case you want to dissect it later.

So it looks like it could be good for live stuff too, especially if you’ve got a few of them wifi’d together!

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