BeatPack 0.8.1

Intua releases an update to BeatPack. Here are the details:

This update fixes various networking issues users have been reported:

– Fixed network issues under MacOS X PPC
– Improved network management under all systems.
– Fixed display of IPv6 addresses.
– Now displays IP address of both wired and wifi interfaces under Mac OS X.

You can download the update for your operating system at :

KaOSSILATOR extremes

Thanks to music 4 machines for these comments on how to modify your kaosillator! for examples of it and many other kaossilator productions
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(muzik 4 machines) 7/19/08

by booting in what people on youtube calle diagnostic (hold tap and rec while powering up, release, let it boot and choose the lenght(goes up to 16, no overdubs) you can get 4 bars with no overdub track (as all memory is allocated to 1 track)
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(muzik 4 machines) 7/19/08

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