Why Kaosillator is still fantastic

I’ve just spent some time playing with this device again, and I have to say, I still think it is excellent. Sure, it has plenty of limitations. You can only record 8 steps, you can’t erase a single layer once it has been recorded, and there are no ways of altering the internal sounds.

However, what is great about the Kaosillator is that it is so immediate. You can pick it up and make a sound with it straight away. It is also very expressive in the right hands, and can be a very satisfying instrument to play.

Every time I pick it up I remember these things and try and think of ways to use it with other devices, but in some ways that defeats the object. The Kaosillator is fun. Not just a toy, but still fun, and it should be enjoyed.

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Apps held up by Apple?

This post on TUAW suggests that a number of apps may be being held up by Apple. I’d love to know how many new music apps are waiting out there for the iPod Touch and iPhone?

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Warmplace has new music

Alex has new music on the Warmplace site.

Brighthand review of Treo 800w

Brighthand has this review of the Treo 800w, which isn’t entirely complimentary. The biggest downsides seem to be the battery and the GPS although the screen didn’t come off too well either. All of which is a shame as I was looking forward to this device being a big leap forward!

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MSI Wind Sub-notebook

Brighthand has this review of another entrant to the sub notebook market. However, the MSI Wind is well priced to play the competition.

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Brando adapter provides microphone access to iPod Touch?

It sounds like it anyway? This post from TUAW suggests it could, which in turn could be a very useful way of using an iPod Touch for field recording / sampling rather than having to go for an iPhone.

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