The Modified Toy Orchestra and ZX Spectrum Orchestra are both on iTunes!

I can’t believe it. Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for their new CD for a while, now I can get it on iTunes nice and easy!

More news from Intua

Another email from Intua confirming the beta release of the BeatMaker companion BeatPack, the release of their user manual and launch of their forums! They’ve been busy. Here’s what they had to say:

Following yesterday’s exciting release of BeatMaker on the App Store, we have some other good news to share with you today !

* BeatPack 0.8 Beta version available

BeatPack is the synchronization companion for BeatMaker.
Send your personal audio samples from your computer directly into BeatMaker, and upload back your exported songs, projects and kits !
Add as many BeatPack servers as you wish to share your beats remotely with your friends. Bringing your sound material everywhere has never been so easy.
And to make things even better, BeatPack lets you create compressed BeatMaker kits within seconds, by dropping your samples directly into the application pads. Click “Generate kit”, and it is ready to be downloaded on your BeatMaker.

BeatPack works under MacOS X 10.4 and superior, as well as Windows XP and Vista. This 0.8 release is a beta version, we will address possible issues and release new versions accordingly.

Download BeatPack for free at:

* BeatMaker User’s Manual

BeatMaker fits in your pocket, but it is a complete music creation tool. The 34 pages User’s Manual will help you understand every aspect of the software.

Download the manual for free at:

Note: The document already includes information about some of the upcoming features of the free BeatMaker update we will be releasing soon.

* Intua BeatMaker Forums

BeatMaker forums have opened at
Share your experiences, ideas and questions with other BeatMakers there !

Stay tuned for more news coming soon !

CDM on BeatMaker updates

CDM posts on forthcoming updates to BeatMaker from Intua.

MeTeoR updated to v 1.1

MeTeoR, the multi-tracker recorder for Windows Mobile has been updated to version 1.1. The main features added to this version are;

1) The ability to make a clip from a selection of a larger clip.
2) A new monitor tab adds the ability to control the input gain and monitor stereo out.
3) The new markers function.

I’ve just loaded this onto my Palm Treo 750v and it is very impressive indeed. I really like the monitor function.

Announcement from GrooveStep soon?

There hasn’t been any update from the Groovestep site for a while, but happily they’re still around and going to make an announcement next month. Excellent!

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Chimera bc8 for £75 (via MusicThing)

Music thing posts on the Chimera BC-8 which looks like a lot of fun.

BeatMaker video

Here’s a really handy video of Intua’s BeatMaker app for iPhone / iPod Touch.

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