Korg DS-10 and Tenori-on?

Something definitely going on here, but I can’t make sense of it. This post on the DS-10 blog is certainly about the DS-10 and the Tenori-on, but I can’t make any sense of the translation, which is so annoying as it looks really interesting too!

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  1. Rough translation using the osx widget:It is Sano. It started going to DEMOsa. Everyone of the attendance person and the relative everyone, thank you very much. So, same プレゼンター and commemoration photographing. Pas Chile.Just a little just a little Sano, opposite opposite! ! ! Like the of the っ て, the next door saw, with the one, cedar well of YAMAHA, to tell the truth it is the one which レゼン is done. So, it had being able to lay idle completely in the coffee hour. While the beer drinking, the beginning contest of TENORI-ON and DS-10! EaseSo, this TENORI-ON, before touching to, is what the art posturing and the っ て and feeling – being how to think servilely, it does, but really touching, when it tries idling, there is no completely such an impression, gouy gouy and tune keeps it being possible. This drive impression just the that of DS-10 With there is a part which is different, but when you idle with TENORI-ON, it is transmitted, you remembered very sympathy there whether you call the message which we would like to convey to the prayer, whether it is staleWhen by the way in addition to latest DEMOsa and this TENORI-ON at プレゼン you did in the product of introduction, catch – the thing was many! ! As for remaining in especially Sano impression two below.Statement tool for professional of Wada coral introduction ofコンパッソ Leonard ジェニオ reliance statement toolstore/pavement. You say that it continues to show golden ratio always.However “the day of the week opposition calling or the championship” one air seeing possibility, as for っ て itself are not delightful, you call that mind air, or 1 week entirely you record the っ which – with chaotic power skill rough concept With chaotic power skill rough concept the highest! ! Furthermore really ワサワサ and program are caught with keyword search, directly seeing and others

  2. Basically, the two guys were presenters at some event. The guy with the DS-10 checked out the Tenorion and found it to be equally inspiring. They jammed together over beers.

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