Belkin Podcast Studio to be released as GoStudio

At last the Belkin PodCast studio appears to be coming out. Apparently according to this article from MobileMag in September in the US for around $119.

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MeTeoR running on my Treo 750v

Recorded on a Treo 650. Here’s MeTeoR from 4Pockets on my Treo 750 under Windows Mobile 6. It works like a dream!

Mixtikl to include video / stills in a later release !

Thanks Pete for this:

miniMIXA V3 featured a video mixer, enabling you to chain together pictures, videos, music and sound effects with a range of transitions. It was quite impressive. 🙂 This won’t be in the first release of Mixtikl (we have too much to do!), but it’ll re-appear no doubt in subsequent releases of Mixtikl!

Sound like Mixtikl will be an awesome all round application in time, a real multi-media powerhouse.

Korg DS-10 and Tenori-on?

Something definitely going on here, but I can’t make sense of it. This post on the DS-10 blog is certainly about the DS-10 and the Tenori-on, but I can’t make any sense of the translation, which is so annoying as it looks really interesting too!

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TUAW on iPhone 2.0 Firmware issues

According to TUAW lots of people are reporting issues / crashes with iPhone apps. Apparently these aren’t necessarily the developers fault and could be down to instability of the iPhone 2.0 firmware.

App Store : 10 million apps in 1st Weekend!

A number of sites have picked this story up, but it is quite an achievement already to have that many downloads in a weekend. I am guessing it will ease off, but as the number of iPhones increases I guess it won’t go down too much.

CDM on non-sound making uses for mobile devices

Another interesting post from CDM. I tend to agree. All too often I overlook the other uses of PDAs / handhelds in the search for the next musical tool

PSPSeq 3.0 Released (via CDM)

CDM reports that the latest version of PSP Seq is now available. Featuring:

  • Synthesizer presets
  • 7 MB sample memory
  • FM feedback with configurable routing (nice)
  • Shortcuts and workflow improvements
  • Randomization with various controls (range, etc.)
  • Looping improvements
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Treo 800w released in the US

Whilst this is a rather quiet launch, I have to say that I am impressed with the Treo 800w already. Palm have finally released a device that offers wifi, GPS, and bluetooth! All with a 320 x 320 touchscreen and lots of memory too. Ok, it is a windows mobile device, but at least that means that you’ll be able to run Bhajis Loops and Microbe under styletap.

The upside is that you can also run Griff, MeTeoR and TrakAx Mobile. Now it starts to sound like a real mobile multi-media tool, unlike another recent smartphone introduced to the market!

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