Pete Cole’s blog on MixTikl

Pete Cole’s blog has this update:

Mixtikl – what a huge challenge. Taking miniMIXA into the real world! What you’ll see and hear will just be the tip of an iceberg of multimedia code, enabling what we think will be the first truly trans-platform multi-media creativity tool.

We’ve been working towards this for some time now, and it is really quite amazing to physically see/hear Mixtikl working as a native app for Windows and Mac, as an Audio Unit for Mac, and as a VSTi for Windows/Mac, and also on Windows Mobile! With interchangable files that work on all supported platforms! Oh, and an embedded Noatikl generative music engine. 🙂

We’re currently very busy working on polishing-off the work we’ve done so far, and will then be looking to port to iPhone – where I hope there won’t be too many issues with sand-boxing or integration with Objective C…

October 2008 release? Well, that’s what we’re aiming for. Wish us luck!

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