Nitrotracker 0.4 is a big update

Thanks to Erik for this. Nitrotracker, the homebrew tracker for the DS platform has had a big update, including:

– Loops
– Multisamples
– Envelopes

and more. Check the Nitrotracker site for more information.

miniMusic to launch Pianofly

miniMusic have announced their first iPhone / iPod Touch application called Pianofly. Here’s what their site says about it:

Available: July, 2008

Our first product for the iPhone and iPod touch will let you design sounds, play them and record them. These are essential building blocks for a number of other products we have planned. Come back next week for some screen shots and more details.

It sounds like it will be just the start of a whole new suite of iPhone apps to come out of miniMusic. Let’s hope for even more good things from them.

And so it begins …

Well, it is no secret at all that the app store has opened, and with 500 apps or thereabouts, but what is in it for mobile musicians wanting to use the iPhone or iPod Touch? Well, here’s what I can find so far:

Band: By Moo Cow Music, which has already had lots of posts from all over.
Drummer: A fun looking drum application.
GuitarToolKit: Featuring metronome, tuner, chords etc…
iMetronome: Does what you’d expect.
MixMeister Scratch: scratching tool (covered here before) and free.
Pianist: Again from Moo Cow Music.

There are other tuning apps etc, but nothing approaching a Bhajis Loops or MeTeoR so far. So, unless things change soon, I can’t see myself going down this route as yet.

I was surprised not to see anything from miniMusic or Intua as yet, but perhaps they’ll turn up tomorrow?

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