DS-10 now available via Play Asia

Play Asia has the Korg DS-10 available for order now and shipping within one week. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Another BeatMaker video

I just found this on youTube. It shows an interesting use of BeatMaker.

CDM on Indamixx

CDM posts on the release of the Indamixx from Trinity. Interesting use of a UMPC.

Belkin GoStudio doesn’t work with the iPhone or Touch

Belkin’s GoStudio is compatible with a range of iPods but not the Touch or the iPhone, which I find a little bit odd?

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DS Fanboy on DS-10

DS Fanboy has a good post on the DS-10 today. Apart from being a useful walk through of the features of the app there was this snippet which I found very interesting:

Finally, we have the Chaos Board. Once you’ve actually made a decent loop, you can go here and distort the sound in real-time, using nothing more than your stylus and the handheld’s touch-screen. Dividing the touch-screen into hemispheres, you can control the pitch and tone of the track, as well as a variety of other things. You can even record your on-the-fly remixing, in case you want to dissect it later.

So it looks like it could be good for live stuff too, especially if you’ve got a few of them wifi’d together!

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BeatPack 0.8.1

Intua releases an update to BeatPack. Here are the details:

This update fixes various networking issues users have been reported:

– Fixed network issues under MacOS X PPC
– Improved network management under all systems.
– Fixed display of IPv6 addresses.
– Now displays IP address of both wired and wifi interfaces under Mac OS X.

You can download the update for your operating system at :

KaOSSILATOR extremes

Thanks to music 4 machines for these comments on how to modify your kaosillator!

http://youtube.com/muzik4machines for examples of it and many other kaossilator productions
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by booting in what people on youtube calle diagnostic (hold tap and rec while powering up, release, let it boot and choose the lenght(goes up to 16, no overdubs) you can get 4 bars with no overdub track (as all memory is allocated to 1 track)
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Why Kaosillator is still fantastic

I’ve just spent some time playing with this device again, and I have to say, I still think it is excellent. Sure, it has plenty of limitations. You can only record 8 steps, you can’t erase a single layer once it has been recorded, and there are no ways of altering the internal sounds.

However, what is great about the Kaosillator is that it is so immediate. You can pick it up and make a sound with it straight away. It is also very expressive in the right hands, and can be a very satisfying instrument to play.

Every time I pick it up I remember these things and try and think of ways to use it with other devices, but in some ways that defeats the object. The Kaosillator is fun. Not just a toy, but still fun, and it should be enjoyed.

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Apps held up by Apple?

This post on TUAW suggests that a number of apps may be being held up by Apple. I’d love to know how many new music apps are waiting out there for the iPod Touch and iPhone?

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Warmplace has new music

Alex has new music on the Warmplace site.

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