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SunVox and TX / T5 problems

Alex confirms he will be fixing these issues in version 1.1:

SunVox 1.0b may work incorrectly on some PalmOS devices with non-square screen. For example – Tungsten TX, Zodiac. In this case just mail me (nightradio@gmail.com), and i’ll help you to solve this problem. Of course, this will be fixed in the next release 1.1.

I’m hoping that the next version will have some of the stuff he’s been talking about on his forum.

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Garnet VM updated (via Palm Infocenter)

Access have released an updated version of their Garnet VM allowing Nokia Internet Tablet users to run Palm OS apps. It seems from this post from PalmInfocenter that there are some good enhancements and some more work on the audio side too.

If anyone is using this and can let me know if Bhajis runs on it I’d appreciate it.

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Styletap on the iPhone / iPod Touch

Lots of sites have picked up this story, I got it from a variety of places. The news release gives the clearest story.

I think it is a great thing for Palm users who want to move away from palm hardware. If StyleTap can use the same version as the one that runs for WM5 and runs Bhajis Loops quite nicely it could start to be a really viable platform.

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Korg DS-10 set for launch

Well, it looks like they’re going ahead. My google translation of this post suggests they have a green light on their development. Excellent news. Here’s looking forward to July. I’m definitely going to buy one (if not two) of these.

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glitchDS (via CDM)

Yet another cool homebrew app for the DS platform care of CDM.

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PhaseArray site back

Was it me? I’m sure that when I posted a few days ago the site was gone. It seems to be back now which is good. I’ve noticed some forum posts on Bhajis Garden asking about windows DLLs for PhaseArray. I hope that having to add those elements to the development won’t put off the developer because at the end of the day you can still render on the device if you want to so in many ways there is no real need for the windows DLLs.

I’ve had a chance to play with the plug-in just recently. It is interesting, but I’m not sure that I really get how it works or how to get the best out of it. Probably need to find a track that suits it better.

I’d be interested in anyone else’s experience with PhaseArray. Post it into the Palm Sounds group if you can.

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Little GP Tracker turns 1.0 (via CDM)

LGPt turns 1.0 according to CDM. It is worth taking a look at if you haven’t done so before. Here’s some of what it can do:

  • Sample library & import support
  • Groove support for odd time signature
  • Debian build & JACK support
  • Allows creation of project from the program itself
  • new Feedback parameters at the instrument level
  • new Looper Sync looping mode for automatic looping on the current tempo
  • Engine optimization
  • New rendering system allowing to render directly from the application
  • either the mixdown or the 8 separated tracks.
  • External joystick control on all platform
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Asus Eee Music Machine

CDM has an interesting post on using the small and very cheap Asus Eee as a music sub notebook.

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On holiday …

I’ve been away for a few days hence the lack of posting over this week. I’m just back and catching up on emails and news etc, so everything will be back to normal very soon, and I think there’s just loads of news to catch up on from the last week.

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