TrakAx Mobile on the verge of a major upgrade

TrakAx Mobile is expecting a huge upgrade very soon. There are some amazing new features in this release, including:

  • Pan and zoom effects for still images
  • Expanded transition choices
  • Photo and video effects and borders
  • Improved text rendering and colour choice
  • Improved media search
  • Themes for credits

trakAxMobile – Sneak Peak! from Catriona Barry on Vimeo.

This is what the new mix screen will look like:

Here is the expanded transitions and new effects:

The pan and zoom features for still images will make using them mixed in with video far more straightforward.

Searching for media looks like it will be easier using a date driven search.

All in all this will be a really significant upgrade to TrakAx Mobile. It is excellent to see it being developed and going from strength to strength.

Apple’s own iPhone applications …

There’s been lots of news today about the possibility of Apple offering a free iPhone app to control iTunes 7.7 over wifi. That set me thinking.

Since Apple announced that they were going to make third party applications available on their iPhone platform lots of bloggers have been talking about which developers would enter into the iPhone app market and what would they bring. I’ve been talking about it too. But, what will Apple themselves bring to the platform?

Let’s face it, they are very good at creative applications at all levels, from entry / home user to pro. So, why wouldn’t they use their expertise to offer up some really interesting applications of their own?

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