CDM on MIDIFY for Nintendo handhelds

CDM has a post on MIDIFY which lets you add a MIDI port to you Nintendo handheld.

CDM also has an interesting post on a load of new and updated DS homebrew. Well worth taking a look.

Things are really getting interesting for the DS platform…

Mobile Music Workshop 2008 Creative Interactions

The Mobile music workshop have published a catalogue of the last 5 years contributions to the workshop, which is a good way to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the workshop. I hope they run many more, especially if they can be in the UK next year.

You may have noticed …

That the posting has been somewhat erratic, or in fact none existent lately. Well, things have been a little unsettle over the last week or so, hence the disruption to Palm Sounds. However, hopefully things are returning to normal, and so the posts should flow again soon.

If you’ve emailed me at Palm Sounds in the last week or so and I haven’t replied, please email again as I may not have received it.

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