LDB: Java Drum Midlet for mobiles!

I should check the Palm Sounds mailbox more regularly. Thanks to Johan for this. He’s built this excellent looking java midlet drum machine.

You can find out all about it and a link to download it here.

Alesis ProTrack

The FutureMusic blog has this from Alesis. They seem to have made a real commitment to iPod related products.

The FutureMusic blog has all the details. Whilst I think it looks like a good addition to an iPod, I am struggling to see just how this product goes further than what is already available.

Flash Player for iPhone (via iLounge)

Ilounge has a story on Adobe getting flash player running in the iPhone emulator.

Whilst in many ways flash is not something that is great for stand alone music applications it could open up possibilities for using online music services via an iPhone.

Did anyone go to the DS-10 event?

Did anyone manage to get to the DS-10 launch event on Saturday? Any news or pictures would be great.

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