iPhone apps limited to 2gb?

TUAW has an interesting post covering both the size and cost limits being imposed by Apple on iPhone apps. Whilst the cost will be of interest, I think it is interesting that they are limiting app size to 2gb.

For most users this won’t be a big problem or issue in any way. However, for mobile musicians it may be. Music apps and suites in particular can be very large indeed and I wouldn’t want to think that apps have to limit their technical ability in order to comply with a preset size barrier.

I’d be interested in any developers who have views on this.

What annoys me about Palm Sounds is …

Following a comment post anonymously by a reader about the way items are posted I thought it might be a good idea to find out if anyone else finds anything irritating or annoying about the blog or posts etc, or indeed if anyone had any good suggestions on how to improve it.

If any of the above applies then feel free to give your opinion here.

What are Korg up to?

A number of sites and blogs have picked up the new Korg nanoSeries now. I wonder what Korg’s strategy is on new product development? They appear to be miniaturizing lots of products (KP mini, Kaosillator, DS-10 etc), so where will it go? Where will it end up, and will anyone else get going on the band wagon?

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