The SunVox forum has a great to do list on it:

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* FM
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port
* switch instruments / sampler etc by using the hardware buttons
* live mode (DJ mode)

All of which I’m really looking forward to, but even more so now as Alex is going to provide more documentation which will make this app even easier to use.


  1. very exciting to see this app getting developed, but has anyone had success with this on a palm tungsten T? i can’t get it to stop crashing every time i try to load something off an sd card, so i can’t actually try it out yet…

  2. It is worth getting in touch with Alex the developer as he’s always open to look at issues with devices, and will come up with a solution if he can.

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