WWDC and mobile music

Well, I think that whilst Apple haven’t brought anything that wasn’t expected at least they’ve actually showcased the kind of apps we can expect later this month, and that has to be a good thing.

Of course, the much rumoured Mac Nano still hasn’t surfaced, but maybe it will someday.

Even so, I think that the iPod Touch is looking like a really good platform for mobile music applications, and I’m seriously thinking of buying one now.

‘Band’ App gets a demo at WWDC!

I got this from the live feed from Macrumurs.com. This was one of the applications that has been shown today. I think it is really significant that a mobile music application is shown alongside blogging apps and games, I think it says a lot about Apple and how they see the OSX mobile platform developing.

Intua Beatmaker Suite (via CDM)

Now this is the kind of thing I’m hoping we’ll see lots more of after today on the app store. If developers can come up with this kind of application / suite then the iPod Touch / iPhone starts to look like a really viable platform for mobile music. I guess we’ll be finding out very soon indeed.

SunVox news

The SunVox forum has a great to do list on it:

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* FM
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port
* switch instruments / sampler etc by using the hardware buttons
* live mode (DJ mode)

All of which I’m really looking forward to, but even more so now as Alex is going to provide more documentation which will make this app even easier to use.

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