How long should you wait?

I’ve posted another application into the palm sounds group. This time it is a little metronome application that came from a developer called Clever Parrot. They’ve disappeared sadly, but when they were around I downloaded all their free applications just in case. So I can’t see any problem with this being available now.

However, I did set me wondering. If a developer has vanished is it ok to make their commercial or shareware applications available? If it is ok, how long should you wait?
I only have one app that falls into this category, and I think I will make it available at some point, but I’d be interested in other people’s views on the subject, and if you have any apps that might be useful to others then why not post them at the group.

Update on Treo 650 replacement

Well, I’ve bought a Treo 750 on eBay. One that has been upgraded to WM6 already. It should be an interesting experience moving to WM for all my day to day stuff as well as music related applications.

I’ll keep posting on how things go.

Comment from Korg DS-10 Producer!

There was a comment on the DS-10 videos I posted yesterday that they sounded a bit rough. Following that, this comment arrived this morning from the Korg DS-10 producer/director:

Thank you for watching videos!!
This bit-rough sound does not comes from DS-10 but compressions by video camera and YouTube.

KORG DS-10 producer/director

Nice to know that Korg are reading!

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