Protein DS

More good use of the the DS Protein (previously DScratch) app. According to YouTube:

I have used the homebrew program protein ds to replicate muses kaoss jam using a sample of the kp2 patch. Sorry for the bad camera work, it’s hard to hold a camera still and operate a ds at the same time 😉

Files on the Palm Sounds Group

I thought it would be useful to put stuff on the Palm Sounds Group that had been on either the old Palmgear or is still on the old Palm Sounds site. I hope you find the stuff useful. If you have any suggestions for other files I should put up then let me know.

Mobile Music Workshop 2008 proceedings now online

The proceedings from this year’s mobile music workshop are now available online.

Blog roll

Palm Sounds now has a blog roll. You can find it a little way down the page. If you have any suggestions for other blogs I should put on it please let me know.

Korg DS-10 blog: New videos

There’s a couple of new posts on the DS-10 blog showing the kinds of things it will do.

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