MusicThing review of BC-16

I liked this review from MusicThing, it gives you exactly the information you need about the BC16.

Apple MID device?

AppleInsider has a post on rumours of a new Apple MID (mobile internet device) in 4″ and 7″ sizes. Now, there have been lots of this kind of rumour before, so who knows it it will come about, but if they did make something that was like a cross between the iPod Touch and a Mac that would be really interesting.

Korg DS-10 blog: Interview on

The Korg DS-10 blog has been updated and shows some news of an interview (I think) on Interestingly the Amazon site has the DS-10 for NDS listed.

Little GP Tracker minor update

LittleGPTracker has a few minor updates today, and raises the question on whether anyone is going to develop for the openPandora.

I posted about this device a while ago and it looks really amazing.


Thanks for all the kind comments and also suggestions from my post on Palm Sounds being 2 years old. I really appreciate it.

My Treo 650 replacement

Thanks for all the suggestions following my post on what I should do to replace my Treo 650. I’m now looking at the Treo 750 (WM) and also the HTC Mogul although this model doesn’t seem to be available in the UK as yet. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with my research!

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