I need some help

For a long time I’ve used a Treo 650 as my main PDA. I use it for everything really, phone, email, diary, Bhajis loops and many other music apps, short video clips etc etc.

However, it is 4 years old now and whilst it is still going strong some of the keys are showing signs of wear, and I know it won’t last forever. There have been a few unexplained resets (very annoying when you’re in the middle of working on a new track and haven’t saved as yet), and it doesn’t have a huge amount of memory on board.

So, I’ve been thinking about what sort of thing I’d want as a replacement for it. I started thinking about my requirements. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Must be able to run StyleTap and therefore Bhajis / Microbe
  • Must have a decent camera for video capture and stills
  • Able to use TrakAx mobile to create and mix content on device
  • MUST be able to use Mixtikl whenever it becomes available
  • Ideally should have a keyboard
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi

I think I’m leaning towards a windows mobile device / phone to be honest, but I’m not sure, I’ve heard lots of bad things about windows mobile smartphone, and I’d have to have a touch screen device for sure.

Anyway, any suggestions, advice, and especially devices to avoid would be really useful.

PocketTunes on WM

There’s been a bit of Pocket Tunes news over the last couple of days. It made me think about applications like Pocket Tunes, and devices like the Pacemaker. What I don’t really understand is why someone hasn’t come up with an application that gives you functionality like the Pacemaker device but on an existing handheld?

Surely something like that for an iPod would be a massive seller, so why hasn’t anyone done it? I would have thought that even devices like the current iPod Classic would have enough power to be able to handle an application like that, and the likes of the iPod Touch should be able to do even more.

So why hasn’t anyone gone down that route as yet?

Cybersonica monome: open practice project:

Sadly it seems that Cybersonica’s monome project is being postponed due to a lack of funding:

UPDATE: We found out recently that our monome: open practice project Arts Council England (ACE) Grants For The Arts application was unsuccessful. There’s a full post at the project website explaining the situation.

There’s more information on their project site, so let’s hope they can get funding and get the project off the ground.

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