OT: Playing with a theremin

Whilst I was away for a few days I had a chance to play a real theremin, it was brilliant. It made me realise that whilst something like an X-Y pad or similar is fun to use and can give some excellent results, they don’t really give you the theremin experience.

One thing that occurred to me was that perhaps someone could make an app using the sensors on a device like the iPod Touch. I think that would be an excellent use for an iPod Touch.

Palm Sounds is 2 years old !!!

Palm Sounds is two years old. Sadly not today, I actually missed it by a few days. It was on the 25th of May. I had no idea that it would last this long.

Happy Birthday Palm Sounds!

WWDC in a week

Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) starts in a week. So what are the best rumours around for what they’re going to release? Here’s my personal pick:

1. New iPhone. I know lots of people have been talking about it, but I reckon they’ll at least announce it.
2. iPhone 2.0 firmware.
3. iPhone SDK version 1.0
4. App store: With this I am hoping for some real applications not just games or web apps, but something that will really show what the platform can do. What I’d love to see is some kind of ‘iLife suite’ for iPhone / iPod Touch from Apple, that would show their committment to the platform.

What I don’t think you’ll see:

1. A new Apple Newton
2. A tablet device

Pixilang Competition results

Now available on the Warmplace site. If you follow the link from there you’ll see the results which are all in Russian.

iPod DJ blog

I found this blog by accident. It has some nice ideas about iPod DJ’ing, especially the Nano MPC which would be a great idea.

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