All quiet over at 4pockets?

4Pockets has been a fantastic developer in the past, bringing classics like AudioBox, Pocket StompBox and the awesome multi-track recorder MeTeoR. But so far this year there’s been nothing from 4Pockets at all.

So, what’s happening? Ideally I’d hope that there is something really big coming out of 4Pockets imminently, but I’ve had no contact with the developer for some time. My worst fear is that they’ll go the way of Tao Group and miniMIXA, which would be awful. I was hoping that they’d go in to iPod Touch direction and do something interesting with that platform.

Who knows…

Palm Sounds Live

I’ve been asked about posting some video from my 1st Palm Sounds show. Sadly the video isn’t useable for a variety of reasons, so I thought I’d write some comments about what I used and how.

First off there were actually two of us performing. Most of the time we were using Bhajis Loops as the core for the performance and other devices more as instruments to improvise around the core. Bhajis was running on a T3 and a TX. My Treo 650 was running SunVox 1.0, which is very useful live as the Treo Keyboard works just like a regular keyboard except very small. The only drawback is that whilst you can use a variety of instruments in SunVox you can’t switch between them using the hard keys on the device. However, this is a feature I’ve requested.

We also used PalmBuzzer for a bunch of random samples, and a Kaosillator, which is fast becoming one of my favourite toys. The whole mix went through a mini KP for good measure.

The visuals you can see in the photographs are running from an iPod Classic which delivered video and slide shows and worked very well. In fact, in the first two shots the actual images were made using NinerPaint which is an excellent Palm based art tool.

It is a shame the video didn’t work, I guess we’ll just have to do some more live shows now! Any suggestions for venues around the London area?

DS Fanboy useful guide to DS homebrew

DS Fanboy has a handy guide to homebrew solutions for the DS, which is useful if you want to get into NitroTracker, or DScratch etc…

Thoughts on son of miniMIXA …

I was thinking about miniMIXA and Pete’s news that intermorphic are moving into the mobile music space.

Obviously, if their new mobile / cross platform tools are anything like as good as the stuff they’ve developed since they launched intermorphic then they are likely to be well worth the money, and this time I won’t wait for the next version to buy the full app. In fact, I still have a demo copy of miniMIXA on my dell axim, and I just can’t bring myself to delete it.

Version 3 of miniMIXA was due to have some cool new features:

Well, we are now getting very close to nailing miniMIXA V3. One of the important things we have been asked for, and so we wanted to get in, was synching of microphone recordings. Well, we have done it . What that means is that you now get a count in period before you make a microphone recording – so you can get ready for your take. You can set how many bars you want this to be and how many bars you want to record for, as well as a system latency factor (as all mobile devices have different capabilities) – and the recording then synchs to the bar boundary. It is really useful and great fun!

The miniMIXA++ product will also include an autoloop recording feature. This means you can do take after take and only keep the take when you think you have nailed it.

This feature addition will make it much easier to use miniMIXA for capturing ideas on a mic, maybe as you are riffing or jamming to a background groove. You could then even sing/jam, record and sync harmonies on top.

So what would I want to see in the ‘Son of miniMIXA’ (for want of a better name for the app / apps). Well, obviously I’d like to see a lot of the stuff that was already in the old miniMIXA, but also some cool live features too. Things that take advantage of the hardware available like …

  • Bluetooth / WiFi clock sync so you could jam with multiple devices simultaneously
  • Loops and synthesis all in one (like the advanced features in the old miniMIXA)
  • Desktop integration so you can work on stuff and move it from device to desktop and back again rather than just a desktop sync function
  • Real time effect control for live work

These are just some initial thoughts. What do you think …

Discuss at the Palm Sounds Group:

Thinking about GP2X

There’s been some talk on the new PalmSounds Group about the GP2X and using it live. I found this page of software for it and wondered how many developers are actively writing new music / audio / video apps for it?

I’ve kind of liked the idea of it for a while because of the VJ app available for it which I think would be really handy to use live.

But I wonder if the iPhone / iPod Touch will get more developers writing apps for it than GP2X due to the ease of release using the iTunes app store?

Nice live rig

Nice live rig from Herr prof. The photo on flickr has some useful annotations.

Music Thing: First Impressions of the Chimera BC-16

Music thing has some first impressions of the Chimera BC-16, and it sounds very nice.

Palm Sounds Live Pictures

Pictures from the first ever live show from Palm Sounds

Trio Da Da Da: Early VL-Tone adopters

I had forgotten Trio and their 80’s VL-Tone hit. About half way through the video you see him play the VL-Tone too. Nice.

And now an iPhone Drum Machine (via CDM)

CDM has a post on a new drum machine app for the iPhone from the creator of the iSynth app.

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