SunVox and Bhajis

Thanks to Drew for this comment on using SunVox with Bhajis Loops.

i’ve managed to get Sunvox running on my TX (though it is still very temperamental) and have found it to have a very nice sound engine.
I’ve been dropping loops made in Bhajis Loops into Sunvox’s Sampler Module, to utilise the magnificent Flanger. I didn’t realise the Palm was capable of such a rich sound (much broader/richer than the native Bhajis Space Flanger). Then I export it as a WAV back into Bhajis for further tweakage.
It’s great to have as an extension of Bhajis Loops, to ‘resample’ sounds with Sunvox’s effects, etc.
So, the prospect of further effects for Sunvox is exciting!

Good tip, and an interesting way to use applications together on the move.


  1. just thought I’d add that after a few emails to Alex @ Warmplace, I now have Sunvox running very smoothly on my TX. I recommend everyone with a Palm to check this program out!


  2. I have screen issues with Sunvox on my TX… any info on how to sort it out would be useful! I’ve checked Alex’s website and he hasn’t posted anything.Cheers!!


  3. i’m getting the same issues on a t5, it seems to be something with the on screen keyboard popping up and then placing itself behind (but at the same time over top) of the screen.


  4. SunVox 1.0b may work incorrectly on some PalmOS devices with non-square screen. For example – Tungsten TX, Zodiac. In this case just mail me (, and i’ll help you to solve this problem. Of course, this will be fixed in the next release 1.1.


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