DScratch update (via CDM)

A new video of the DScratch DS app. According to the developer this is:

pure freestyle demo (one shot, no cut, no good scratch skills!) using a preview version of my project “ProteinDS” – now 4 modules running at the same time!
Will be available in a few days – Enjoy!

Looks like a real step forward to me.

MusicThing demo of BC-16

Music Thing: Chimera BC16 mini modular synth demo from Tom Whitwell on Vimeo.

Nice demo from MusicThing.

Intermorphic mobile

From the sounds of this it looks like the new app from Intermorphic is going to be truly amazing …

We’ll be announcing more in due course, but some things to whet your appetite for our new “wonder-tool” 🙂
– desktop (win/mac) and mobile (various) versions
– standalone (desktop/mobile) and plug-in (desktop) versions!
– work on your content on the move on your mobile; finesse on desktop using plug-in later; move back to mobile whenever you want…
– loops, midi, generative and modular synthesis
– embedded noatikl generative engine 🙂
– real-time fx
– too much else to mention; we have an amazing roadmap for this.

What is coming is going to be “the” uber-creativity tool for mobile multimedia. 🙂 We’re incredibly excited by what we’re doing, and think this could be simply huge…

More at Palm Sounds Group …

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