Palm Sounds Live

I’ve been asked about posting some video from my 1st Palm Sounds show. Sadly the video isn’t useable for a variety of reasons, so I thought I’d write some comments about what I used and how.

First off there were actually two of us performing. Most of the time we were using Bhajis Loops as the core for the performance and other devices more as instruments to improvise around the core. Bhajis was running on a T3 and a TX. My Treo 650 was running SunVox 1.0, which is very useful live as the Treo Keyboard works just like a regular keyboard except very small. The only drawback is that whilst you can use a variety of instruments in SunVox you can’t switch between them using the hard keys on the device. However, this is a feature I’ve requested.

We also used PalmBuzzer for a bunch of random samples, and a Kaosillator, which is fast becoming one of my favourite toys. The whole mix went through a mini KP for good measure.

The visuals you can see in the photographs are running from an iPod Classic which delivered video and slide shows and worked very well. In fact, in the first two shots the actual images were made using NinerPaint which is an excellent Palm based art tool.

It is a shame the video didn’t work, I guess we’ll just have to do some more live shows now! Any suggestions for venues around the London area?

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