DS Fanboy has a handy guide to homebrew solutions for the DS, which is useful if you want to get into NitroTracker, or DScratch etc…

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  1. We’ll be announcing more in due course, but some things to whet your appetite for our new “wonder-tool” 🙂– desktop (win/mac) and mobile (various) versions– standalone (desktop/mobile) and plug-in (desktop) versions!– work on your content on the move on your mobile; finesse on desktop using plug-in later; move back to mobile whenever you want…– loops, midi, generative and modular synthesis– embedded noatikl generative engine 🙂– real-time fx– too much else to mention; we have an amazing roadmap for this.What is coming is going to be “the” uber-creativity tool for mobile multimedia. 🙂 We’re incredibly excited by what we’re doing, and think this could be simply huge…Pete

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