PalmBuzzer comments

Well, I posted my suggestions for PalmBuzzer, and the developer has come right back with some comment.


because of the way PalmBuzzer works now, not all your suggestions are possible to implement:

Set volume independently for each on screen button

This should work, it’s just the question, how to do it in a usable way.

Select if samples play over each other or cancel currently playing sample

Sorry, not possible.

A bank select function so that you can access multiple sets of samples

Isn’t it just like the themes work now?

Be able to set the pitch for each sample

Sorry, not possible.

Have a filter function for the sample with an on screen ribbon (replacing some of the sample buttons) like the Yamaha SU10 or similar

Sorry, not possible.


More details on possible Apple tablet

According to AppleInsider a source at Intel has spilled the beans on this new device. I’m sure that there were stories like this around last year just before WWDC. Let’s see what happens.

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