Casio VL-1 Pictures and video

So here’s a little look at my new (old) Casio VL-1. First off the front view:

Then the back casing.

Finally, a little perspective. Here it is alongside an iPod Classic.

And now for a little video of it in action …

PalmBuzzer suggestions …

I couldn’t find an easy way to contact the developer of PalmBuzzer so I thought I’d write down some suggestions for the app.

  • Set volume independently for each on screen button
  • Select if samples play over each other or cancel currently playing sample
  • A bank select function so that you can access multiple sets of samples

Some more advanced functions would be:

  • Be able to set the pitch for each sample
  • Have a filter function for the sample with an on screen ribbon (replacing some of the sample buttons) like the Yamaha SU10 or similar

Let’s see if any of these get picked up.

Belkin Podcast Studio in June for £80?

According to Blog Herald The new Belkin Podcast Studio, or GoStudio as they refer to it, should be available as soon as next month in the UK, and for only £80.

I have to say that I am somewhat skeptical about Belkin release dates and pricing given that it took a year to get the TuneStudio out and the pricing varied wildly for ages.

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