CDM on a very clever way to use an iPhone to control stuff

CDM has an interesting post on using an iPhone to control visuals and music, but I have to admit that it is a bit complicated for me.

TrakAx Wavtracks Full Tracks Available

TrakAx has an update on their site about royalty free tracks available for video use (should you want to).

PalmBuzzer Problems

So, I was playing with PalmBuzzer for a spare hour today and got some very strange results. Some samples wouldn’t play on my Treo 650 and others would. When I reset my Treo some of the previously unresponsive samples played and others didn’t without any real sense of why at all!

I’m going to try it on a different palm and see what results I get from that and I’ll post an update when it is done.

Music Thing on Clari-Fi

Music Thing has a useful post on the Clari-Fi device and how it actually performs. Perhaps not so good after all.

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