PalmBuzzer 1.2 First Impressions

This is a fairly simple app. It launches samples and nothing more at all, in fact you can’t even manage their individual volume from the app, just the overall volume. However, in some ways, the fact that it is so simple is a real positive for it. It only cost me £3.55, and I don’t think it is really over priced.

So, what can you use it for? Well, for me it is really a live sample trigger and that’s about it. PalmBuzzer also has the ability to launch loops (up to four), so in theory you could even use to to create some simple tracks, but is is not in any way sophisticated. But I think it will be useful.

To make it work you have to store samples in a specific sample directory on your SD card and give them the correct names in that directory, i.e. test1.wav through to test16.wav. These files are then triggered via the on screen buttons in the app. The last four are the loops (13 – 16).

It is worth a look at for something to play with or use live for simple loops and samples.

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