DJ Mode coming to SunVox?

More cool stuff coming along to SunVox. I’d love to see some more performance related tools and bluetooth as well …

pdPOD, whatever happened to that?

I really liked the idea of this, but it never seemed to take off in a big way. Maybe the interface is just too limited, but it was a great idea, and nice sounds too.

What’s happened to PhaseArray?

I just went to see if there were any updates at the phaseArray site, and found that there’s nothing there at all.

I hope it is just a site rebuild and nothing to worry about …

SunVox and Bhajis

Thanks to Drew for this comment on using SunVox with Bhajis Loops.

i’ve managed to get Sunvox running on my TX (though it is still very temperamental) and have found it to have a very nice sound engine.
I’ve been dropping loops made in Bhajis Loops into Sunvox’s Sampler Module, to utilise the magnificent Flanger. I didn’t realise the Palm was capable of such a rich sound (much broader/richer than the native Bhajis Space Flanger). Then I export it as a WAV back into Bhajis for further tweakage.
It’s great to have as an extension of Bhajis Loops, to ‘resample’ sounds with Sunvox’s effects, etc.
So, the prospect of further effects for Sunvox is exciting!

Good tip, and an interesting way to use applications together on the move.

Pocket Toshi …

I found this by accident on YouTube. It looks like fun. As the blurb on YouTube says it is a prototype, but the ideas remind me of electroplankton quite a bit.

GrooveStep in action at YN2k8 CDM Instrument Contest

Can’t see much of how it is being used, but it does sound good.


STEIM is under threat (see full post at CDM). You may remember that STEIM hosted last year’s Mobile Music Workshop. They are an important part of European Music research.

Add your voice over at CDM to help save them.

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