Thanks to concretedog for pointing out that the email address on the blog was in fact incorrect. If you have emailed me and have been wondering why I haven’t replied it isn’t because I’m rude I just might not have got your message.

The correct email for palm sounds is:

palm dot sounds at mac dot com

Styletap update

The StyleTap beta program for Symbian is now open if you’re interested.

They also have an update on their experimental iPhone version of their Palm Emulator and they encourage any potential user to lobby Apple to ensure that the SDK will allow StyleTap to bring in files to use on their emulator. Which, all in all, is a fair point.

Where to get a Kaossilator?

Following an anonymous comment I thought I’d write a little something about where to buy a Kaossilator. Basically, I tried all the regular UK retailers, like Dolphin and Turnkey but couldn’t find one anywhere, so in the end I turned to eBay and found one there.

So, what is it with Korg then?

I’ve been wondering this for a few days. What is going on with Korg? First there’s the Kaoss Pad series. Nice devices, lots of fun. Then a really little one, the mini KP, that’s fair enough, and I expect it will have done well enough as they then made the Kaossilator, which is a far stranger device entirely. I bought one, and I really like it, but I’m not sure I entirely understand the rationale behind it.

Now, we have the Korg DS-10 on the way. I think it is a great idea, and I will definitely buy one, or more likely two, but I don’t get it even more than the Kaossilator. What is the reasoning behind these developments, and more importantly where will it go next?

How about a Korg music based handheld? Something like a clamshell with a screen on one side a keyboard on the other? Maybe that’s too much to ask as yet, but who knows what they’ll come up with next?

Anyway, I’m off to connect my Kaossilator to my mini KP and have some fun!

3 months into 2008, how are we doing?

I thought I’d have a brief look back at my ‘predictions’ for 2008 to see where we’d got to so far. This is what I had in for the first three months:

– What will Apple announce at MacWorld?
– TuneStudio released at last?
TrakAx competition closes – 21st Jan

– Apple to release the iPhone and iPod Touch SDK!
– Pacemaker DJ device available?

– First iPhone music apps?
– DScratch and DS Protein apps develop?

So not too bad overall I think. It would be nice to have seen a bit more on the DS side in terms of Scratch, but I know that the developer has a lot on at the moment, so maybe later in the year…

Obviously there have been some extra stuff too, like the DS-10 coming along which is nice.

KaOSSILATOR initial thoughts

I’ve had my Kaossilator for just over a week, and although I haven’t had loads of time to play with it I have to say that already it has really grown on me a lot. The sounds a high quality and the ability to quickly loop together a track is fantastic, and possibly the most interesting thing that you can use it for. You can of course use it alongside another piece in more theremin like way, and it works well with that too.

Once I’ve become a little bit more proficient with using it I’ll post up a video of it in action.

Korg DS-10 video

According to this video the DS-10 is available on the 24th of July this year.

iBand are something aren’t they!

I think this video goes to show what can be accomplished with a few iPhones and an iPod Touch. Nice one iBand.

CrunchGear on TuneStudio

CrunchGear have an interesting review of the TuneStudio where they give it high scores for being cool than for value.

iLounge article on iPod recorders

iLounge has an interesting article on iPod recorders and Belkin, and there’s even some stuff on their Podcast studio device.

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