Yamaha Announces Two Date Tenori-On US Tour (via FutureMusic)

FutureMusic have a post ont eh US 2 date tour for Tenori-On. Read more over at their blog.

New post on the Korg DS-10 blog is once again in Japanese

The Korg DS-10 blog has a new post in Japanese. I did try to translate it but it still didn’t make much sense, there was some stuff about bugs and maybe something about finding it difficult to hit July? I don’t really know, but if anyone can provide a better translation that would be really useful.

New iPhone SDK

AppleInsider amongst others has the news that Apple has released a new version of the iPhone SDK and firmware 2.0 to developers. Nothing really new in terms of audio capability although there are rumours of a 3G chipset in the firmware and the possibility of more video functionality which would be good.

HP 2133 Mini Notebook via Brighthand

Brighthand has this post on a new sub notebook from HP. It looks very nice and from a quick read of their review it sounds like it might be a good step in the right direction for sub notebooks.

SunVox updated to version 1.0b

According to the comments the app has been updated and the crashes with the Treo 700 have been fixed. Excellent!

Musika (iPod game) removed from iTunes

iLounge has an update on a bunch of games for the iPod being removed, one of which is the Sony game Musika. I’ve got this game and I have to say it is quite poor. Still, it has gone now, no big surprise there.

SunVox 1.0 first impressions

Well I’ve only had a brief chance to play with SunVox, but so far so good. I’ve been running it on a Treo 650, and it seems to be performing very well. The interface is vaguely reminiscent of miniMusic’s SoundPad. I was able to start to create some interesting sounds by adding filters and sound generators. The sound quality is quite impressive.

I know herrprof has had crashes with the app on a Treo 700p, so if you have similar experiences please comment them or feed them back to NightRadio

Groovestep for DS

What a day. There’s been loads of interesting news today, and this just tops it all off. CDM has a great post on this new development for the DS. It looks like 2008 could be a really interesting year for the DS.

MeTeoR updated to v 1.08

MeTeoR has been updated to version 1.08. Not sure what that means, or what’s been updated. I’ll try and find out.

SunVox 1.0 Released

I only just heard about this new app from NightRadio. It runs on PalmOS and also WinCE so I will try it out on both (time permitting).

It would seem that NightRadio is becoming a big source of new Palm apps, which is always good news. Here’s what the site says about SunVox

SunVox is a small, simple, fast and powerful program for music creation, based on modular synths and tracker-like interface.
(Detailed info about music trackers is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracker) SunVox is Based on parts of the PsyTexx tracker, the PsyTexxSynth engine and the SunDog engine.

As soon as I’ve had a chance to play with this I’ll post again.

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