Pacemaker video via CDM

CDM posted this Pacemaker video. Not sure if it makes me want to have one or not. I don’t think it shows off what it can do as well as some of the other videos.

CDM on Tenori-On Launch

CDM picks up the story of the Tenori-On launches in Montreal and New York. Makes for interesting reading.

CorePlayer update via PalmInfoCenter

PalmInfoCenter has news of CorePlayer which has just been updated.

CoreCodec has released a new update to its massively popular CorePlayer Mobile multimedia software for Palm OS. CorePlayer v1.2.3 brings a large number of new features and all around improvements. The main new features include YouTube video support and a native YouTube browser, the addition of a number of new streaming audio and video formats, Google GData support, multi-language support, optimized AVC playback and AVCHD support.

Coming soon to SunVox

Coming soon to SunVox

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* FM
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port

Milkytracker update

CDM picks up the story of the latest update to MilkyTracker. MilkyTracker has got itself update with some new features and has also gone open source. They’ve also updated their site and made it much more accessible to use and find stuff.

ElectroPlankton Notation

Check out the original on Flickr.

Discounts at TrakAx

TrakAx have discounts on their Trakpaks until 30.04.

Socialight iPhoneDevCampNYC

Socialight are sponsoring an event this saturday called iPhoneDevCampNYC for interested developers. Of course this is in New York and so not too much use if you are in Europe, but it will be interesting to see what comes out.

Korg DS-10 blog update

This post seems to be on the same lines as the last one about bugs and timescales. If anyone knows better (and let’s face it that wouldn’t be difficult) than my lame translation attempt please let me know.

MixPad track

This video is more of a accident than anything else. I was re-creating an old song in Bhajis Loops and decided that I wanted to work on it on the desktop, so I exported it to a MIDI file. I thought I’d listen to it using MixPad from miniMusic and found that it sounded nothing like the original track. So, I recorded it using my Boss Micro-BR and then added a few spare video clips too.

I kind of liked the minimal sounds in mixpad so I thought it was worth recording and making it available.

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