I found out about this from the Trinity Audio site This device looks really interesting. There seems to be a good range of applications bundled with it, but it is a really expensive device at $1,299.

Make ringtones from your camera

This seems to be a strange application that turns camera input into sound on Symbian devices. Interesting I guess …

Turn your handset into an experimental visually controlled synthesizer and create instant ringtones from camera input

New version of PixiLang on the way …

According to the night radio forum there’s a new version of Pixilang on the way, and after that the updated version of SunVox, with a load of new bells and whistles:

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* FM
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port
* switch instruments / sampler etc by using the hardware buttons

PalmBuzzer 1.2 Support for loops

PalmBuzzer now has support for looped sounds as well. I know that this is a very simple little application, but I think it is quite handy to have something that is good for just setting off loops and samples. Perhaps more useful if you’re using it alongside lots of other devices in a live setting.

Wrong Assumptions about TuneStudio

Whilst many reviews of the TuneStudio rave about how innovative it is and all that kind of thing, this is one of the first that I’ve found that actually points out the main issue with the device, in that it is not a multi-tracker.

Although the first part of this review from Sound and Vision does give the device a glowing introduction, it balances out nicely and is worth reading from that perspective.

MixPad thoughts

I’ve been using MixPad lately and quite enjoying the nature of the sounds it uses. However, I’ve got some suggestions and thoughts about how it could be improved. I thought I’d check the miniMusic site for details of what the next updates are likely to be for MixPad. According to the miniMusic development calendar MixPad will get the following updates:

MixPad 1.1 change tempo, instrument transpose
MixPadPro 1.0 Record and edit MIDI files

Well I think those updates would be very useful, but I’d like to add some more things:

  • Instrument change
  • Being able to patch multiple SoundPad banks to a single track
  • Save settings for an individual MIDI file
  • Export to WAVE

I think MixPad could be a really handy little application with a few more features. Let’s hope it get’s updated soon.

TrakAx Mobile Updated and still for only $19.99

TrakAx has been updated. There’s a new icon to of a graphic of a movie clip and scissors – so when you want to create a video, just click the Movie icon. The application’s been slimmed down, with great improvements in file size – this is especially noticeable in the VGA version, which is now almost 40% smaller. Along with better a/v sync, smoother transitions and some small bug fixes.

With trakAxMobile now only US$19.99, this is the perfect opportunity to get mixing and start sharing your life, on the go!

SunVox 1.0 further thoughts

I’ve been toying with SunVox even more and I’ve decided that it is an excellent application and it could be especially useful in a live setting.

I’ve been using it on Treo 650 and the fact that you can use the keyboard directly is really useful. I’d like to be able to quickly switch between instruments, but perhaps that will come with time.

Korg DS-10 blog translation

Once again thanks to M.H.D for the Korg DS-10 blog translation.

They’ll be doing a demo of the DS-10 at a “sound-creator” type event called IMSTA FESTA. It’ll likely end up being Sano-san saying “see, look at this, cool huh? and this, cool huh?”

But, they regret that things will still only be preliminarily debugged by that point, so they although they would want people to freely play with the DS-10, that’s not going to be possible. If people want to come up and do “light testing” that might be possible however.

If you go to the IMSTA FESTA, you have to RSVP though. (They provide a link).

As soon as things slow down and they get a finished version, since you can take the DS-10 anywhere, they want to start doing product demos (especially to elementary schools!). To the teachers of Japan: How about a special education session? If there’s a problem with having long hair and a beard, these issues “can be dealt with.”

Apple WWDC iPhone Audio Development Sessions

Apple has posted details of the sessions for WWDC 2008. Some of the iPhone sessions look tailor made for audio and music application development. Here’s a few I picked out.

Audio Development for iPhone
Core Audio provides a powerful engine for playing and recording audio in your iPhone application. Learn how to play sounds and alerts, record audio from the built-in microphone and play sound files of arbitrary length. Understand the best practices to minimize latency and conserve power. Learn about the audio codecs and formats available for iPhone and understand the capabilities for playing multiple sounds simultaneously.

Core Audio and OpenAL Lab
Core Audio and OpenAL let you add sophisticated audio playback and recording to your application. Receive one-on-one technical assistance and development advice from the Core Audio and OpenAL engineering teams. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

iPhone Multi-Touch Events and Gestures
iPhone’s ability to handle multiple touches simultaneously is central to its unique usability. Learn how touches and events are represented to your application and how it can respond to a user’s gestures to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

iPhone Multi-Touch Events and Gestures Lab
Get expert one-on-one assistance from the Cocoa Touch engineers and technology evangelists on multi-touch and gestures for iPhone. Bring your laptop, your iPhone, your code, and your questions.

I’d love to hear from anyone who goes what kind of take up there is for these sessions. I’m hoping that June will see some really innovative iPhone / iPod Touch music and audio apps appearing and a whole new platform for music.

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