Gadgeteer on the HP 2133 Mini Note PC

I have always liked the gadgeteer site for their comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Here’s a good one of this latest sub notebook from HP which makes for good reading.

Apple releases updated iPhone SDK

According to a variety of sources Apple has released an updated version of their iPhone SDK. This version includes OpenGL ES support.

Photos from the Mobile Music Workshop 2006

The Mobile Sound blog has posted photos of the 2006 mobile music workshop to flickr. It just reminds me that I never got around to buying a copy of miniMIXA and I really should have.

Atau Tanaka site has moved

To here, and I found an interesting project he’s involved in.


Thanks to Brian for pointing me to this little device. According to the review on SlashGear it is in fact worth the money. So, maybe it would be a nice compliment to your mobile studio?

Buy your own PDA Orchestra!

Ok, it is in fact a PDA museum rather than an actual orchestra, but I bet you could get quite a lot done with this bunch on eBay although the price is a bit high!

Dolby coming to Symbian

It seems that Dolby Mobile is coming to Symbian OS.

Dolby has introduced a set of software technologies collectively named “Dolby Mobile” that claim to add depth to sound as also adjust audio algorithms in such a way so as to enable hardware provide the best possible sound. This year’s World Mobile Congress saw Nokia announcing it would adopt “Dolby Mobile”; the Finnish handset maker even demonstrated “Dolby Mobile” on one of its N95 smart phones.

So perhaps Symbian OS could be taking off for audio too. That’s going to complicate things.

“Dolby Mobile” comes with a post-processing licensing package that comprises Mobile Surround, Natural Base, and Sound Expander and supports mobile audio, video, and TV sources. ‘Mobile Surround’ works on regular headphones and is supported by a full-fledged software equalizer. It works in tandem with ‘Sound Expander’, algorithms that simulate a surround effect.

Apparently “Dolby Mobile” leaves little room for code protection which is why Dolby says it has to be careful in protecting intellectual property. As such, “Dolby Mobile” will not go to market as a stand-alone application, rather as a bundle with upcoming smart phones. Meanwhile, Sharp and Sony Ericsson are already offering “Dolby Mobile” enabled cell phones in Japan.

New Platform: Fair comment

This is a very fair comment from Drew and I think I probably agree in terms of the iPod Touch. I guess in many ways I am just looking for a reason to get one…

being a devoted Bhajis user, I’d need something with the intuitive design and HUGE feature list of Bhajis Loops before I switched from Palm to something else

these other apps seem interesting, but none seem to offer a full ‘system’ of production and performance

What would make you switch?

I’ve thinking about all the stuff coming out for the DS, and the impending app store for iPhone and iPod Touch applications. What would make me want to buy into another platform? What feature of a device or app would make me spend on new hardware and software?

I have to admit to really liking the iPod Touch, but until the apps come I have no reason to go there. So, what would make you jump?

Another DS Homebrew synth?

Anyone get to try out this DS Synth I stumbled over it and wondered if anyone had any pictures or video?

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