Groovestep site update

The GrooveStep site has been updated and has some new stuff on it now such as a dedicated FAQ, and a media section too. The FAQ section has some more useful information about what GrooveStep will be like when it is released.

Create rich layered grooves with 16 tracks, perfect for Hip-Hop, Techno and other electronic styles.

Song Features:
16 monophonic tracks with up to 2 samples per track
Tempo: 30-300 BPM

Pattern Editor features:
Variable pattern length: 1-64 steps
Variable pattern playback speeds: 1x, 2x, 4x

Mixer features:
16 channels with volume, pan, solo and mute controls

15% off Palm Software Connection

15% off at Palm Software Connection using code: APRILEU.

Madplayers on eBay

By chance the other day I found a couple of MadPlayers on eBay. These come up every now and then, and aren’t (to be honest) very popular any more, so you can pick them up quite cheaply, but they are interesting to play with. They basically generate random music in a variety of styles and then you can export to MIDI and take the track from there.

Gadgeteer on the HP 2133 Mini Note PC

I have always liked the gadgeteer site for their comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Here’s a good one of this latest sub notebook from HP which makes for good reading.

Apple releases updated iPhone SDK

According to a variety of sources Apple has released an updated version of their iPhone SDK. This version includes OpenGL ES support.

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