1src on PalmBuzzer

1src picks up the story of MetaViewSoft’s new app PalmBuzzer that I posted about a few days ago. They also have the link to PDASSI where you can buy it for just £3.55. It is a nice little app if all you want to do is set off specific samples from a treo keyboard on the on screen pads.

More DS Music via CDM

CDM has this story on the DS hacked as a hardware sequencer including full details on how to do it and the ROM download.

CDM also has the news of Chibitracker on the DS too. It seems that the DS is getting lots of attention these days.

Another Palm Sounds video

Another little video for your viewing delight!

Larva Labs site update

I had a quick look today and the LarvaLabs site has been updated since the last time I looked, but I can’t see a way to get these apps?

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