Just because this video is in German (I think), don’t let that put you off. It looks like PalmBuzzer is an answer to what a number of people have been asking for. I’ve often read forum posts asking for an application that allows you to simply set off samples. Well, from what I can see it looks like PalmBuzzer does just that.

I thought I’d add in the current naming rules:

Every file needs to be a WAVE audio file and stored in /PALM/Programs/PalmBuzzer/

for the 16 on-screen buttons: Test1.wav to Test16.wav
for the 4 hardware buttons: Hard1.wav to Hard4.wav
for the letters: Test_a.wav to Test_z.wav
for the numbers: Test_0.wav to Test_9.wav
for the space key: Space.wav
for the skin: Test.jpg

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