Groovestep for DS

What a day. There’s been loads of interesting news today, and this just tops it all off. CDM has a great post on this new development for the DS. It looks like 2008 could be a really interesting year for the DS.


Just because this video is in German (I think), don’t let that put you off. It looks like PalmBuzzer is an answer to what a number of people have been asking for. I’ve often read forum posts asking for an application that allows you to simply set off samples. Well, from what I can see it looks like PalmBuzzer does just that.

I thought I’d add in the current naming rules:

Every file needs to be a WAVE audio file and stored in /PALM/Programs/PalmBuzzer/

for the 16 on-screen buttons: Test1.wav to Test16.wav
for the 4 hardware buttons: Hard1.wav to Hard4.wav
for the letters: Test_a.wav to Test_z.wav
for the numbers: Test_0.wav to Test_9.wav
for the space key: Space.wav
for the skin: Test.jpg

MeTeoR updated to v 1.08

MeTeoR has been updated to version 1.08. Not sure what that means, or what’s been updated. I’ll try and find out.

SunVox 1.0 Released

I only just heard about this new app from NightRadio. It runs on PalmOS and also WinCE so I will try it out on both (time permitting).

It would seem that NightRadio is becoming a big source of new Palm apps, which is always good news. Here’s what the site says about SunVox

SunVox is a small, simple, fast and powerful program for music creation, based on modular synths and tracker-like interface.
(Detailed info about music trackers is here: SunVox is Based on parts of the PsyTexx tracker, the PsyTexxSynth engine and the SunDog engine.

As soon as I’ve had a chance to play with this I’ll post again.


Thanks to concretedog for pointing out that the email address on the blog was in fact incorrect. If you have emailed me and have been wondering why I haven’t replied it isn’t because I’m rude I just might not have got your message.

The correct email for palm sounds is:

palm dot sounds at mac dot com

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