Sad day …

It is a very sad day indeed. My SG20 MIDI tone module is no more. I was putting the batteries in and got a sudden smell of burning. When I tried to see if it still worked, nothing. Not a thing at all. Big shame.

So I thought I’d open it up to see if there was anything obvious wrong with it, but nothing jumps out at me. Any suggestions as to what to do with it would be gratefully received.


  1. damn….burning smell is never good…does this have an option to power by an adapter rather than…maybe obvious but worth a try if it does. Inspect each component on the board and try and identify were the burning came from..if you can then it may be a replaceable component..other than that you can test some individual components..resitors,diodes..etc with a continuity tester on a multimeter to see if any of them aren’t working…quite often though it will be a chip than has burnt out…identifing this can be hard and beyond my reckoning. Also trawl the net and see if anyone else has had one go in a similar manner. I don’t think I’m much help…but wanted to suggest something.

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